About our Candidate


Frank has always been at the forefront of helping the community. Frank has sought out real change in the GTA, working alongside the federal government to protect the environment, Ontario households, and the economy. He has dedicated his life to making sure the community’s voice is heard, and putting plans into action as the CEO of an EDA for the Conservative Party of Canada and on the BOD for many other community associations.

As the president of non-profit organizations such as the CCCA, Organizations Alliance and Trading Association, Frank represents the voice of hundreds of families and hard-working Canadians. He has made a commitment to support the goals of the public and will continue to lobby for improvement in our city with unwavering devotedness.

What Frank prides himself most in is his unparalleled listening skills and his ability to engage those around him. He has decades of experience in the fields of banking, insurance and law; and he relishes bringing together communities to solve problems. Frank and his team have been working eagerly to canvass the neighbourhood to hear from you, and they look forward to meeting you!

Frank is a candidate who is prepared and qualified to continue serving the public and representing the voice of the people. Frank wants to see better regional governance and more efficient use of tax payer money. He will endeavour tirelessly to advocate and campaign for the people, and promote growth in our city and its sectors. Frank Fang would be honoured to represent and serve the people of Spadina-Fort York in the federal Parliament. Frank Fang not only wants to tackle the problems faced today, but strategize to ensure a bright future for Torontonians and our city.